Wildlife Photography


Our diverse wildlife photography featuring rainforest animals, bird pictures, reptiles, big cats and primates have been taken throughout the world by wildlife photographers Bob and Diana Davey. Magical images from the Far East, Central america, islands of the indian ocean , and of course not forgetting our own very beautiful nature in Wales.

Wildlife photography of birds in their natural environment from luscious rainforests to isolated desert islands. Delicate egrets, feasting kingfishers, wading birds rainforest birds and decorative hornbills.

Pictures from the animal world in their natural habitat of treetops, in rainforest jungles & frolicking in glistening waters, behaving in truly endearing ways - as only animals can.

Birds of prey featuring intricately coloured sea eagles eagles, kites catching fish in the mangroves, desert sparrowhawks hiding amongst palm fronds and eagles amongst the trees of the rainforest. Beautiful birds of prey.

A collection of rainforest animals pictures featuring shy dusky monkeys, michevious macaques, giant squirrels, white faced capuchins, fruit bats, iguanas and endearing colugos.